11/21/2018 blog

why is it that life suck? i dont think i will ever know the answer. i have my new puppy and he helps but i just dont know what to do anymore. i have my new family but i miss my old one too much. my mom is stressing me out and my little brothers….i miss them so much. i miss all my old friends even though i have new ones. my little sister is the most adorable little girl ever and my youngest little brother is so cute and wacky, he reminds me of myself when i was little. my big brother…he  is sweet. i like having someone to talk to. but its hard to talk about what is on your mind when you are so used to keeping it all in and not letting it out. its hard when you take out your anger on yourself and you think that everything bad that is happening to you is all your fault. it is  hard. i have lost interest in my artwork a little bit. i am nervous because i get to do my big brothers senior pictures and they have to look good. and i am just so mentally unstable and it sucks.

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