11/26/2018 blog

so today was not so good. i put on a fake smile and i said “im fine thank you” more times than i can count, no one here realizes how much i am really drowning in my own thoughts. it is very hard not to let them take over. i miss my mom and i […]

11/22/2018 blog

Its another depressing day… I have no idea what I am doing with myself anymore. I watched a show earlier today and it triggered me really bad, now that is all I can think about.  my life is hard. I dont like change and my biggest fear is rejection. I have no clue what to […]

11/21/2018 blog

why is it that life suck? i dont think i will ever know the answer. i have my new puppy and he helps but i just dont know what to do anymore. i have my new family but i miss my old one too much. my mom is stressing me out and my little brothers….i […]